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Dear Parents/ Guardians,

Online 1st Periodic Test is going to be held from 06.07.2020. Please read the rules & regulations carefully:

  • You are requested to collect worksheets Either from the School Office or download from our School’s website –
  • Exam will start sharp at 9:00a.m for Montessori sections & 11:00am for STD-1 to 8. So you are requested to login with LIVE CLASS APP, 10 minutes prior to the scheduled time.
  • Please note each and every students and their every single activities are under observation of front camera. Any kind of unjust or unfair activities will cause the cancellation of respective exam paper.
  • For submission your answer script please take a photograph of it and send it to the Whatsapp No. 9474691748 within 10.05am for Montessori sections & 12:05pm for STD-1 to 8 . After that not a single copy will be accepted.