Pre-Primary (PlayGroup to Montessori 3)

Activity appeals to the childs innate tendencies. At the pre primary level we provide theme based activities that is learning-related. To stimulate learning we have a special play area which is a well equipped room where students are led to discover the world around them based on the themes through fantasy or imaginative play. Multimedia and audio visual aid further facilitates their learning and the fivefold development i.e. Physical development, Social development, Emotional development, Mental development and Spiritual development.

Primary & Middle School (Class 1 to Class 8)

The Primary school recognises the link between development and learning. Inquiry based curriculum focuses on the child as a learner. To make students self-reliant and independent individuals learning takes place through project method and cooperative learning. To discourage rote learning teachers lead the students through various study skills. Language Activities (LAC), Mathematic activities (MAC), Science Activity Rooms, Exploration Lab provide the students an opportunity to explore and discover. Assignments, quizzes, competitions, debates, elocution, group discussions, club activities, experiments, research, etc. are the various techniques used to necessitate holistic development of the child. Here, the learning objectives are successfully combined with our philosophy of focusing on our students and their learning needs. We are uniquely open to flexibility of our courses and upgrade with all changes in the field of education.

For Classes I ‚Äď VIII, adequate syllabus is prescribed and taught so as to equip the students to effectively deal with the board exams in the future. Innovative teaching aids like charts, out of class trips are frequently taken up.


For students focussed on the engineering & Medical careers, we have a special tie-up with i30 Academic Partner with Anand Kumar’s SUPER 30 wherein they run the PINNACLE program at the Class VIII-XII level where focus is on the IIT-JEE/ NEET and other entrance exams and coaching is done for the same in the regular class hours itself.

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