MONTESSORI- I, II, III Rs. 1500/- Rs. 1500/-
STD. I & II Rs. 1700/- Rs. 1700/-
STD. III Rs. 1800/- Rs. 1800/-
STD. IV & V Rs. 1900/- Rs. 1900/-
STD. VI & VII Rs. 2100/- Rs. 2100/-
STD. VIII Rs. 2200/- Rs. 2200/-
Grade IX & X Rs. 3000/- Rs. 3000/-


  1. NO Re-Admission Fee Every Year.
  2. Fees are to be deposited online/ offline only.
  3. Fees are to be paid quarterly as per the following schedule:

1st Quarter         –              by 10th April
2nd Quarter       –              by 10th July
3rd Quarter        –              by 10th October
4th Quarter        –              by 10th January


  1. If fees are not deposited in time, a late fine of ₹ 100/- will be charged for the first 10 days, ₹ 200/- for the next 10 days, ₹ 300/- for the next 10 days and ₹ 500/- for the next 10 days of default.
  2. If fees of a particular quarter is not cleared before the due date of next quarter, late fine of ₹ 1000 will be imposed.
  3. Disputed cases are to be resolved only at the accounts office in school.
  4. The transport fee can be paid from the month the student starts availing the transport. Parents are requested to check the final payment status of the school fees at the bank end and ensure “SUCCESSFUL TRANSACTION” of the school fees into the school account.
  5. To avoid LATE FINE, please deposit the fees within the 10th of the first month of each quarter. Please note that if the 10th is a holiday then the next working day will be the last date for depositing fees, without a late fine being charged.
  6. In case of a change in address and telephone number, please inform the office immediately to alter the transport charges, if applicable.