The mission of having a uniquely diverse population and a tradition of quality

education, is to ensure that each student achieves  optimum academic and personal potential by providing a safe  and nurturing learning environment which builds a strong foundation for character development and lifelong learning. Utilising best educational practices to engage each student in a  culturally rich and challenging curriculum, fostering  partnership with families and the community.


To create an environment of high expectation which all people consistently strive to operate at optimal performance levels.

Respect and caring for all people and valuing their unconditional worth.

Accepting personal responsibility for the accomplishment of organizational goals.

Encourage students to believe in themselves.

Look forward to get inspired by students, teachers, parents and their ideas.


To promote equity, educational opportunity, in terms of access to education as well as the conditions necessary for success.

Helping each child and young person attain educational achievement to the best of their potential, promoting the development of determination, confidence, creativity and critical thinking.

We ensure that our education should aim at cultivating sympathy for and understanding of our fellowmen. We firmly believe that education is the living of life and not a preparation of life.