Date    : April 28, 2020
Ref.     : SXPS/P/025/2020-21

Dear Parents/Guardians,
Parent-Teacher Meeting (PTM) for Playgroup to Std. VIII will be held ONLINE on Friday i.e., 1st May, 2020.



The schedule of the meeting class wise is given below.


Class Timing  
PlayGroup to Mont-3 10.00AM – 10.40AM  
Std-1 to Std-4 11.00AM – 11.40AM  
Std-5 to Std-8 12.00PM – 12.40PM  

In this context, please note the following:

  1. The meeting will be held in ZOOM Platform. You have to login with the Respective Class Link.
  2. The meeting for each class will be held for 40 minutes which comprise of an entire session.
  3. The meeting will be conducted by the respective Class Teachers in presence of the Principal, Vice-Principal or the Coordinator.
  4. You are earnestly requested to be specific in your questions  as regards Academic Contents and Progress only.
  5. The student’s name will be called Roll No. wise and the concerned Parent/Guardian will respond with his/her queries.
  6. Please maintain the time limit as beyond the limit you won’t be able to access the platform.
  7. If more than one parent has the same question in common, the first parent will be answered.

The conduction of the Online Classes is an effort by the school to let the Academic Session progress as per the Curriculum. Being uncertain of its cessation and the commencement of the Physical Classes, you are requested to take care of the fact that the children are in the classes with their respective School Uniforms which will boost their academic interests and progress.